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Legal stuff (English)

Blogopod is a personal blog written in the Croatian language.

It covers themes like the internet, software, programming, websites as well as funny videos and interesting stuff from all over the world.

There have also been personal entries and fiction stories but the author hasn't had time to write anything new for quite some time.

Images used in daily posts are taken from news sources, Wikipedia and screenshots of original web pages. Videos are embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites.

If you are the owner or author of a product or anything else mentioned here and would like something to be corrected (like missing attributes/links) or even removed please contact me and if the reason is valid I will gladly change it or take it down.

NO MONEY IS BEING MADE WITH THIS BLOG. It exists because the author likes to write, publish and bring interesting stuff to people.

The content is usually safe but sometimes there might be some swearing and mild NSFW images and dialogues.

Thanks for visiting.